From an envisioned first full length album, a legal battle, a career
suicide announcement, the almost dissolution of the band, to the birth
of what became a very special project that not only led
Your Favorite Enemies all over the world, but which also forged their
fierce independent artist identity and their strong determination to
remain faithful to their vision. This redefined the nature of the
expression "Do It Yourself" and inspired a legion of artists to take
ownership of their dreams and destiny.

This is the story of an album that wasn't supposed to be released, this
is the story of what became more than just another album. Hear the
story from the band members themselves, hear the story from the
band's team members who crafted it, find out about the secrets and
the never revealed truths buried beneath the album which paved the
extraordinary journey of Your Favorite Enemies.

If "Love Is A Promise Whispering Goodbye", it's never been so promising!
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