As you know, members of Your Favorite Enemies have always been very careful to whom they associated themselves with. So it's a real privilege for every single one of them to be present and honour the people who have become their partners in crime through the years. Considering that YFE is well known for being pretty independent, for having a Do It Yourself attitude and for the madness of their projects, it takes "singular" individuals, "outside the box" thinkers and entrepreneurs to get along with Your Favorite Enemies' strange birds.

Your Favorite Enemies

- "You cannot make yourself feel something you do not feel, but you can make yourself do right in spite of your feelings"
Pearl S. Buck

Lead Signer

- "I'm not in the business of selling out to get myself a ticket for the coolest spots in town. The band's partners are friends sharing the same passion for music and social justice"

Miss Isabel
Keys - Vocals

- "I can figure people thinking that YFE's barbie is all about the culture of shimmer and superficiality... she is a chick right? Well, for me it's not about the prideful vision of branding my face... it's about sharing passion for authenticity and not playing the glamorous game of being the ultimate fantasy rock'n'roll easy bimbo. Local artists and passionate friends... they were family way before I've kicked some stage over"
Miss Isabel concerning prejudices about girls selling out for fashion.

Rhythm Guitars

- "A dream has come true, now that I have the chance to share a passion and vision with the partners of M. Robert Smith. It's more than Rock n' Roll, it's us crafting our future."
Jeff shares about the Schecter's family

Lead Guitars

- "When we started the band a few years ago, it was clear for every one of us that we weren't going to work with the "hipsters" brand scammers and "the flavour of the month" fast food money temple makers. The partners we have are incredible people sharing the same social-business core values with the band. Our “no bullshit” policy allowed us to work with true passionate craftsmen and fanatical music marginals. We're not in the business of branding or in the corporate promotional scheme...when I'm calling any one of them, I'm speaking with friends about family and life, not about financial objectives and stock market micmac. It's about the music, for what the music should really be."
Sef regarding his partnerships.

Bass - Vocals

- "How many corporate babbling marketers would offer you to build your own amps and cabs to make sure your sound is truly what you want it to be like, along with a no reproduction and a no commercialization policy attached to it. Slim to none and that's the type of partners I have!"
Ben regarding YFE's unique bass sound.


- "For me it's not about the coolness of the logo in front of my bassdrum... it's about the people behind that logo... people I'm calling every other week to chat with about their active involvement in "rock n rights", giving instruments to kids and communities not able to afford their dreams and desire to play music...that's the people I'm standing with!"
Moose Talking about the Mapex Team